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Granulated Calcium Removal Flux
Granulated Calcium Removal Flux
Granulated Calcium Removal Flux
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General Description of Granulated Calcium Removal Flux

Calcium is a kind of impurity in aluminium alloys; Ca reacts with Aluminium alloy to form the CaAl4 compound which will destroy the surface’s film of Aluminium melt. The air will be introduced into the aluminium melt and adverse effect will be caused on mechanical and thermal treatment properties.
Granulated calcium removal flux is a kind of sodium free flux used to remove the Ca from aluminium melt, at the same time; it also has the function of removing non-metallic inclusion, degassing, drossing, covering and refining.

Application of Granulated Calcium Removal Flux

  • Granulated fused flux used to remove the Ca from Aluminium melt
  • It also has the function of refining, degassing, drossing, covering
  • By injector with inert gas can improve the degassing effect.

Advantage of Granulated Calcium Removal Flux

  • Excellent performance in removing calcium.
  • It is a kind of granulated fused flux with grain size.
  • No fume and no dust during using.
  • Enhance the degassing effect injected with inert gas.
  • Increasing the extrusion speed and die life when extruding profiles.

Specification of Granulated Calcium Removal Flux

  • Furnace Temperature: 700-760℃
  • Appearance: off-white granule
  • Grain Size: 1-3mm
  • Shelf life: 12 months

Package: Packed in 5 kg PE, 25kg PP, and 1000 kg bag or customized.
Stored in dry, well-ventilated place, and avoid direct sunlight.
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