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Primary Aluminium Alloy

Primary Aluminium Alloy

Aluminum is the second most available metal in the world, being lighter of weight and possessing non-corrosive properties has a fast-growing future. The application of aluminum in the packaging industry has already been a long practice, due to its low weight, good formability, good heat conductivity, strength, and non-corrosiveness. These outstanding properties also led to the application in areas such as automation, construction.
Appropriately alloyed and treated, aluminum can resist corrosion by water, salt, and other environmental factors, and by a wide range of other chemical and physical agents.

Primary aluminum is being cast into ingots and shipped to customers or used in the production of aluminum alloys for various purposes.
A grain refiner influences the aluminum alloy during the solidification stage.
Modifiers change the structure of the AlSi eutectic from a needle into a globular shape thereby markedly increasing alloy ductility.
Other master alloys are used in aluminum wrought alloys and foundry alloys for composition adjustments and structure control.

Alloy Categories: It is convenient to divide aluminum alloys into two
Major Categories: wrought compositions and cast compositions. About 85% of aluminum is used for wrought products, for example, rolled plate, foils, and extrusions.

Sata provides various metallurgical products for the primary alloy treatment. Such as different chemical composition fused fluxes and master alloy and ceramic filter foams. Sata® flux is all fused flux with granulated & spherical form take advantages of dust free. no HCL emission, and easy handling .competitive price to supply and customization.

For wrought alloys a four-digit system is used to produce a list of wrought composition families as follows:

  • 1xxx: Controlled unalloyed (pure) composition, used primarily in the electrical and chemical industries
  • 2xxx: Alloys in which copper is the principal alloying element, notable magnesium, may be specified. 2xxx-series alloys are widely used in aircraft where their high strength。
  • 3xxx: Alloys in which manganese is the principal alloying element, used as general-purpose alloys for architectural applications and various products
  • 4xxx: Alloys in which silicon is the principal alloying element, used in welding rods and brazing sheet.
  • 5xxx: Alloys in which magnesium is the principal alloying element, used in boat hulls, gangplanks, and other products exposed to marine environments
  • 6xxx: Alloys in which magnesium and silicon are the principal alloying elements, commonly used for architectural extrusions and automotive components
  • 7xxx: Alloys in which zinc is the principal alloying element (although other elements, such as copper, magnesium, chromium, and zirconium, may be specified), used in aircraft structural components and other high-strength applications. The 7xxx series are the strongest aluminum alloys.
  • 8xxx: Alloys characterizing miscellaneous compositions. The 8xxx series alloys may contain appreciable amounts of tin, lithium, and/or iron.