Sata - Jinzhou Sata Fused Fluxes and New Materials Factory.
Jinzhou Sata Fused Fluxes and New Materials Factory.


Our Company:

Jinzhou Sata Fused Fluxes and New Materials Factory (SATA for short), is a professional fused fluxes for aluminium and magnesium industry with integrated capability of product research & development, manufacture, business management and services.
​Our Philosophy:

since the very beginning of our establishment, SATA has been devoted to kinds application fused fluxes manufacture, research and development. To meet the demands of our customers better, we offer innovative and customized products and services to all the customers from all over the world, helping them to achieve the goal of continued revenue growth, energy saving and environment protection.
Our Products:

Jinzhou SATA Fused Fluxes and New Materials is the professionally leading manufacturer of foundry fluxes and chemicals, serving the foundry industry for molten primary aluminum and magnesium and secondary aluminum and magnesium. We can provide high-quality products such as granulated fused flux, sodium-free refining flux, Demag flux, In addition to that, we can also provide raw materials and auxiliary products for fluxes such as magnesium chloride anhydrous, magnesium chloride hexahydrate, fluorspar, synthetic cryolite, aluminum fluoride, potassium aluminum fluoride, Ali B grain refiner, ALTIC grain refiner, Al-Sr modifier, and other master alloy and metal additive, ceramic filter foam.
Our Service:

Our aim is to become a global pioneer in foundry products & solutions by producing superior quality products and delivering the highest level of services at the most competitive prices. We will obtain this goal with our customers and constantly developing innovative solutions for molten industry.
Company Profile:

At SATA, we have always understood that our success as a company depends upon the full participation & contribution of every employee, and also the strong team with advanced technology & rich experience in the R&D, manufacturing and management.

Our operations are guided by the certified ISO 9001:2015,We develop and produce Fused Fluxes products,Magnesium Chloride Anhydrous, Ceramic foam filter, Alf3 PAF & synthetic cryolite, as well as master alloy, metal addititves for aluminium industry according to ISO9001:2015 quality management system standard. Providing optimal products and solutions to our clients.beyond the mere supply of commodities.

Sata will continue to be committed to providing excellent products and services in the fields of energy saving and environmental friendliness, and achieving continual resplendence with our customer

Facing the rigid international environment problem and focusing on supporting customer's competitiveness in the business market, our company keeps developing and producing cost effective and environment- friendly innovative products. Our Factory is also capable of producing custom made products as per client's specifications.