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What Is Aluminum Flux? What Is the Composition and Function of Aluminum Flux?


1. What is aluminum flux? 

Aluminum flux refers to salt refining agent used in the aluminum alloy refining process, mostly solid composite salt. It is the flux mainly used to refine the aluminum melt.

2. The composition and function of aluminum flux

Aluminum flux is generally a mixture of alkali metal and alkaline earth haloid salt. There are many kinds of flux used for aluminum alloy, which can be separated into covering agent, degassing agent, refining agent, fluxing medium, oven cleaner, magnesium removing agent, sodium removing agent and calcium removing agent, etc.

The purpose of use of aluminum flux decides the composition of it. Generally, flux used for covering agent requires small surface tension and low melting point while those used for welding slag removal requires larger surface tension on aluminum liquid and less tension on oxidation slag. In order to improve slag removing, it is expected that the aluminum flux can produce heat. It's required that flux used for refining has good adsorption capacity and certain dissolving capacity for alumina. It is also hoped that the flux for aluminum has appropriate gas generation rate, which can obtain good degassing effect.

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