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Boron Nitride Coating
Boron Nitride Coating
Boron Nitride Coating
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Appearance: White Powder/Pasty Liquid
Smell: No Smell
Melting Point: 3000℃
Mohs hardness: 2
Water Solubility: Completely Soluble in Water
CAS NO: 10043-11-5
EINECS NO: 233-136-6

General Description of Boron Nitride Coating:

Boron nitride has extremely high lubricity and high temperature stability. Even at an extremely high temperatures condition, boron nitride can still maintain its lubricity and inertness. Boron nitride can prevent adhesion, thereby extending the mold Life, improve the surface finish of the product and shorten the production time. During the aluminum extrusion operation, boron nitride can be sprayed on the end of the fixed extrusion pad at the end of the aluminum extrusion rod, which has outstanding performance in high temperature operations. The lubrication effect of the squeeze mold reduces the friction of the extrusion die, effectively lubricates the mold, avoids the mold block, makes the mold release easier, the mold has a longer service life, and improves the smoothness of the product

Application of Boron Nitride Coating:

Boron Nitride can be used in aluminum, magnesium, zinc and other alloy casting, gravity/low pressure casting, forging, powder metallurgy and other fields. It is widely painted on the surface of launder, distribution launder, casting table lining, filter box, adapter plate, cast-rolling nozzle material, skimmer, ladle and other materials to protect the mold from corrosion and extend the service life of refractory materials; During the production process, the fine impurities are prevented from penetrating into the molten metal, causing secondary pollution and greatly improving product quality. It has excellent lubricity and anti-oxidation ability in high temperature environment. With boron nitride for its unique physical and chemical properties, it still protects its unique lubricity, non-sticking, anti-sticking and anti-metal properties even at extremely high temperatures. In addition to the protection of various refractory materials, it also has excellent anti-chemical corrosion and anti-adhesion protection effects.

Advantage of Boron Nitride Coating:

The boron nitride has good heat resistance, which can reach 400~1700℃
It is also has the excellent performance in Anti-corrosion and long service life. 
The Boron Nitride can realize self-curing at room temperature. 
Resistant to aging and radiation. 
Good water resistance, salt spray resistance, and organic solvent resistance.
Easy to operate and easy to store


Stored in dry, well-ventilated place, and avoid direct sunlight.
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