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De-Ca Flux
De-Ca Flux
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Ca Remover (SATA-PF-360)

General Description of Ca Remover (SATA-PF-360)

Calcium is used as alloying element in few aluminum alloys, However, under most circumstances it is present as impurities. Since calcium has adverse effect on mechanical and thermal treatment properties of aluminum alloys, it is paid more attention in the process of production. The film on the surface of molten aluminum is destroyed because of calcium oxidation, resulting in air entrance. More pinholes are consequently formed, which seriously affects the quality of alloys.
SATA-PF-360 can react with calcium to generate calcium compound, which is trapped to separate from molten aluminum, floating on the surface of molten aluminum, easy for skimming.

Application of Ca Remover (SATA-PF-360)

  • Used to remove Ca, Na, Mg, etc in molten aluminum
  • Used to degas and cover, protect melt surface from oxidation
  • By Injector with inert gas can achieve higher refining performance
  • Add before pouring to avoid metal loss

Advantage of Ca Remover (SATA-PF-360)

  • With the reduction of Ca, grain can be refined
  • Decrease metal porosity
  • Improve mechanical and thermal treatment properties of aluminum alloys

Specification of Ca Remover (SATA-PF-360)

  • Furnace temperature: 710-740℃
  • Flux: Ca=10:1
  • Appearance: off-white powder
  • Shelf life: 12 months

Package of Ca Remover (SATA-PF-360)

  • Packed in 5kg (PE), 25kg (PP), 1000kg bags or customized.
  • Stored in dry, well-ventilated place, and avoid direct sunlight.

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