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Product Performance and Advantages of Covering Fluxes


Since its inception, SATA has been committed to the manufacture and research and development of various applications of molten flux. In order to better meet the needs of customers, we provide innovative and customized products and services to all customers from all over the world to help them achieve the goal of sustained revenue growth, energy conservation and environmental protection. It is a professional flux for aluminum and magnesium industry that integrates product development, manufacturing, operation management and service.

Ⅰ. Overview of covering flux ingredients

In casting production, the covering material covering the liquid metal surface of the riser is used to extend the solidification time of the molten metal in the riser, and is called a covering flux

There are two kinds of covering fluxes: insulation covering fluxes and heat-generating covering fluxes. The covering flux is used to reduce the excessive alumina and oxides produced by the aluminum alloy liquid during the smelting process, and to reduce burnout and oxidation of the getter.

Ⅱ. What are the properties of the covering flux?

1. covering flux can accumulate slag: adhere to the slag glaze, facilitate timely slag removal, avoid re-sulfurization, and have good thermal insulation;

2. covering flux can insulate oxygen: it can avoid secondary formation of oxide film and cause secondary slag inclusion;

3. The covering flux can inhale: reduce the gas in the solution and reduce the porosity of the casting;

4. covering flux and sulfur: it reacts with sulfur to form calcium sulfate, which floats to the surface, adsorbs sulfur dioxide gas, and is contained in the upper scum glaze for easy removal;

In the actual operation of the factory, as long as 10-20% of the weight of rare earth magnesium is added to the rare earth magnesium in the treatment package, after injecting two-thirds of the volume of the aluminum liquid into the aluminum liquid, generally wait for 5-10 seconds, rare earth magnesium detonates. By controlling the processed aluminum liquid in this way, the internal quality can be guaranteed.