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Introduction to Magnesium Removal Flux


1. The scope of application of magnesium removal flux

Magnesium removal flux is used to manufacture secondary aluminum from scrap aluminum alloys and reduce the content of magnesium in aluminum alloys.

2. The performance characteristics of magnesium removal flux

White or off-white powder, used to remove impurity magnesium in aluminum alloy, and has the functions of decalcification, degassing and refining.

3. The use of magnesium removal flux

When the temperature of the molten aluminum reaches 710℃, spray the magnesium removal flux into the deep part of the molten aluminum with a powder sprayer, move it horizontally, and continuously stir to make it fully contact with the molten aluminum for 1 to 2 hours. After that, let it stand for about 10 minutes. It can be baked later.

The magnesium removal effect of the magnesium removal flux can reach more than 4~5:1, and the effect of 10kg can be achieved to remove 3kg of magnesium under the condition of standard operation.

4. Packaging and storage of magnesium removal flux

Packed in carton or woven bag lined with sealed plastic film, net weight of each piece is 25±0.5kg (with small sub-bags inside). It should be placed in a dry warehouse to prevent moisture.

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