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Introduction of Degassing Refining Flux


Degassing refining flux is a kind of traditional refining flux. At present, it is a good solid degassing agent with both deslagging and degassing effect. The surface of degassing refining flux is white, which can refine copper alloy and magnesium alloy in smelting, effectively remove non-metallic inclusions as well as other metal impurities and improve casting quality.

Using degassing refining flux can effectively remove hydrogen, oxidation slag and other inclusions in aluminum liquid, improve casting quality and have the advantages of convenient use and obvious degassing effect. The slag is in the form of powder after refining which is easy to remove. After final treatment, the hydrogen content of aluminum liquid is ≤ 0.1ml/100gAl, the inclusion content (Al2O3) is reduced by more than 20%, the inclusion defect of casting is reduced by 50%, and the macroscopic pinhole degree of aluminum casting is level one. Degassing refining flux is suitable for other alloy products except high magnesium alloy, especially effective for casting aluminum alloy.

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