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What is Refining Flux for Aluminium Alloy


Refining agent is a chemical and physical process to remove natural impurities, contaminants, and sizes from cotton, wool, hemp, silk, and synthetic fibers. For example, fluxes for aluminum alloys casting refining used in metal manufacturing is a kind of flux used in fluxes for aluminium alloys casting refining. Generally speaking, the chemical products such as acid, alkali, oxidant, reducing agent and various surfactants added in the scouring process can also be called scouring agent. But in the textile industry, generally speaking of scouring agent, most of them are narrow concepts, mainly referring to various anionic, non-ionic surfactants and appropriate additives, through a certain proportion of the method to obtain a washing-based, permeable, emulsifying, dispersing, complexing and another synergistic compound.

Aluminum alloy refining is an important process of aluminium refining, and aluminium alloy refining flux is an important factor to determine the effect of aluminium water refining. The traditional refining flux for aluminium alloy is made up of lime and bauxite in a certain proportion. This method has obvious shortcomings, which not only affects slagging speed, refining time and energy consumption of refining agent but also produces certain dust pollution in transportation and production process.

The pre-melting refining agent produced by our company overcomes the shortcomings of the above process and raw materials and is very suitable for fluxes for aluminium alloys casting refining. Calcium aluminate (12CaO 7Al2O3) is produced in advance from lime and bauxite by the pre-melting process. The rapid slagging process can shorten the smelting time for normal refining and help to reduce inclusions in aluminium alloy, especially alumina inclusions. Therefore, the pre-melting refining agent is an ideal material for fluxes for aluminium alloys casting refining.

The pre-melting refining agent (slag) produced by our company meets the requirements of low dust and low sulfur emission in aluminium plant. It can achieve the refining effect of deoxidization, desulfurization and inclusion removal in aluminium alloy refining, and promote the green development of environmental protection aluminium refining. In the process of aluminium ladle refining, the selection and operation system of refining slag are the key factors related to desulfurization, deoxidation, and removal of inclusions.