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How Much Do You Know about the Nine Characteristics of Deslagging Agent?


Ⅰ. Introduction to deslagging agent

Deslagging agent is a kind of natural mineral, which has been used in foundry industry after some chemical processing. It has good heat preservation and effectively prevents the loss of heat energy in the metal solution by forming a compact heat preservation film. 

Ⅱ. Characteristics of deslagging agent

1. The deslagging agent can aggregate all kinds of slag and impurities in casting solution to ensure the purity of molten iron.

2. Simple slag discharge without scattered floats, not sticking to the ladle and no damage to the ladle and furnace walls.

3. Heat preservation and reducing loss of alloying elements.

4. The deslagging agent can reduce the harmful elements in metal solution, such as phosphorus and sulfur.

5. Stable reaction in contact with molten iron, no splash, non-toxic tasteless, no smoke, and no effect on human health.

6. The deslagging agent can eliminate casting slag, improve casting quality and reduce casting rejection rate.

7. The part in contact with the liquid metal melts quickly after spraying, forming a "skin film" with high viscosity, which can stick to the scum and achieve rapid slag scraping.

8. Molten iron scum has small viscosity and is in the shape of loose sand. This product absorbs and envelops loose scum by forming viscous bulks to form bulk or spherical shaped scum so as to remove them quickly.

9. The viscosity of molten steel itself is high, but it is relatively thin. The fluidity of slag layer is stronger than that of molten iron slag. Deslagging agent forming viscous bulks at high temperature can increase the viscosity of molten steel scum, decrease the fluidity of it and  form slag blocks, which makes it convenient to remove the slag and can prevent slags entering the cavity at the same time.

Efficient deslagging agent will not burst, which spreads quickly and evenly and gathers slag well. It can effectively prevent the defect of casting slag inclusion, improve the inner quality of casting, increase the yield of casting and reduce the production cost. The method of use is simple, which reduces the labor intensity and improves production efficiency.