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Main Components of Deslagging Agent


The main components of deslagging agent are potassium, chlorine and fluorine. Among them, JKCZ-1 and JKCZ-2 all contain sodium, while JKCZ-3 does not contain sodium.

The deslagging agent produced by our company alleviates the disadvantageous factors of iron oxide to melt lime. The slag remover is adopting pre-melting process of calcium oxide, alumina and iron oxide and by pressing ball process. Because of the pre-melting process, calcium oxide is melted in advance, and calcium ferrite and calcium aluminate are formed in advance with iron oxide and alumina, which can reduce the heat needed for converter melting and shorten the melting time. The composite minerals formed by ferric oxide and alumina and calcium oxide have low melting point and fast melting speed, which can promote the quick melting of lime in converter. The alumina content of this product is different from that of pre-melting refining agent, and its price is relatively low. The product can reduce the use of converter lime, sinter powder or other iron oxide flux for converter, and effectively reduce the cost of converter smelting.

Jinzhou Shida Flux New Material Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise specializing in the production and development of various metal fluxes, aluminum alloy element additives, various aluminum -based master alloys, cast aluminium alloys, and supporting equipment for molten aluminium. The company is located in Taihe District, Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province. The enterprise has a professional research and development team and owns the several domestic research institutes and industry experts to engage in the development of aluminium casting technology, and provides casting auxiliary materials and technical support for large and medium-sized aluminum processing industry in China.

The products are more than 50 kinds of products in three categories:

Fluxes: refining agent, deslagging agent, covering agent, degassing refining agent, deteriorating agent, cleaning agent, Na-free refining agent, magnesium removal agent, etc.
Additives: iron, manganese, copper, chromium, titanium, zirconium, fused silicon, etc.
Alloys: Al-Fe, Al-Mn, Al-Cu, Al-Sr, Al-Cr, Al-Ti, Al-Mg, Al-B, Al-Ti-B wire (block) and copper-based master alloys.

The company combines the characteristics of the industry to develop a variety of new products, which can customize special specifications of products according to customer requirements, and provide casting technology solutions.