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Covering Flux Characteristics You Don


The covering flux is a covering material that can extend the solidification time of the molten metal in the riser and cover the surface of the molten metal in the riser during casting production. There are two types of covering fluxes: thermal insulation covering fluxes and heat-generating covering fluxes.

The characteristics of the covering flux are as follows:

1. The thermal insulation covering flux is made of low thermal conductivity materials, such as expanded perlite, expanded graphite, etc.

2. In addition to the low thermal conductivity material, the heating covering flux is added with a certain proportion of heating materials. Under the heat of the molten metal, the oxidant provides oxygen to oxidize the reducing agent and generates heat, thereby prolonging the solidification time of the molten metal in the riser.

3. In the case of different thermal insulation covering flux, the mouth shrinks into a "dish-shaped flat bottom or a hemispherical bottom, which means that the shape of the riser shrinks is approximately U-shaped.

The composition of calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, and potassium chloride in the covering flux produced by SATA is a low melting point eutectic, while fluoride provides surface wettability and chemical reactivity with magnesium oxide, which can cause sufficient Removal. MgO increases the viscosity of the covering agent. Our products have passed international certification and are absolutely safe and reliable. Welcome customers to choose us.