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Aluminium Modifier - Al-Sr Alloy


In metal materials, aluminum and its alloys have been widely used in automobile, motorcycle and other aluminum alloy casting production because of its low density, high plasticity, good conductivity, good corrosion resistance, rich resources and easy processing. As a metal modifier, Al-Sr alloy is safer and more effective than salt. The results show that aluminium modifier Al sr improved by SATA can optimize the form and distribution of eutectic silicon, improve the mechanical properties of the material, and reduce the tendency of thermal cracking to the greatest extent.

1. Performance features:

1. The structure of aluminium modifier is excellent, which can optimize the morphology and distribution of eutectic silicon and improve the mechanical properties.

2. Easy to use, pollution-free with little loss and long-lasting effect. And the effect of remelting and metamorphism can be inherited.


2. Scope of application:

It is suitable for modification of hypoeutectic and eutectic Al Si alloy with long pouring time.


3. Usage:

1. Bake and dry before use.

2. Adding temperature: 720 ~ 760 ℃.

3. The addition amount of this product: 0.02 ~ 0.06% Sr remains in the liquid aluminum, which will have different degrees of modification effect on different alloys. The economic consumption is determined by the test.

4. The effective time of metamorphism is 4-8 hours.

5. Operation method: put the rod-shaped alloy modifier into the liquid aluminum and stir it evenly after melting;Let stand for 20 minutes, remove the slag and pour the test bar, and then pour when the fracture surface is normal.

6. Fracture surface inspection. The normal fracture surface is silvery white velvet with fine and uniform grains and no silicon bright spots.

7. Generally, the modification is carried out after refining, and there is no need to refine again after modification, so as to avoid affecting the modification effect.