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Aluminium Covering Flux


1. Product description

Aluminum and aluminum alloy is easy to absorb and oxidize during melting, so it must be protected by spraying aluminium covering flux. When melting, it will form a physical barrier between molten aluminum and oxidation atmosphere in furnace, which will significantly reduce the formation of oxide inclusions in molten aluminum, which is conducive to improving casting quality and product application.


2. Product features

It can form a dense protective layer, reduce the entrapment of gas, and reduce the metal loss caused by the oxidation of the liquid surface.It has the advantages of moderate melting point, good fluidity, and good coverage, in addition, it has less consumption, low cost, and low metal content.

Chemical composition and usage: the main components are chlorine salt, fluorine salt, and other salts and compounds. All components are properly treated to remove adsorbed water and crystal water and are screened to ensure uniform particle size. According to the best formula for each component, the melting point of the covering agent is 700-760℃. After melting, the viscosity on the surface of the molten aluminum is small and the flow performance is good. After the aluminium covering flux is sprayed, a thin liquid protective film can be formed in a very short time.

3. Dosage

It is usually used at 0.3kg/m2, but it is also determined by the residence time of molten aluminum in the furnace, the temperature of molten aluminum, and the degree of air dryness and wetness.

4. Packaging and storage:



Storage: keep in a dry and ventilated place to prevent moisture

Shelf life: one year