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What Should Be Paid Attention to when Using Aluminum Alloy Flux?


During the use of fluxes for aluminum alloys, the appearance of pores is a common defect in the product, which is mainly due to its own material and external factors. In order to reduce the pores, we must take the following preventive measures.

1. The fluxes for aluminum alloys should be processed in accordance with the process regulations

Properly handle the charge. Before the fluxes for aluminum alloys are used, the charge must be sand blown, or other methods, to remove the surface rust, sand and other dirt, if necessary, the equipment should be preheated, and the temperature should be controlled at 350℃. Keep the temperature at 450℃ for more than 3 hours to prevent the ingress of moisture or oil.

2. The fluxes for aluminum alloys must be fast during melting

The fluxes for aluminum alloys must be smelted quickly during smelting to shorten the residence time at high temperatures. If necessary, use the flux to cover the surface of the solution, which can prevent the fluxes for aluminum alloys from inhaling. Once there is an abnormality in the production process, it is necessary to get in touch with the staff in time, and take necessary measures to deal with it.

Aluminum alloy flux manufacturers especially remind everyone that if parts are cast in the rainy season or wet season, they must take protective measures for degassing and preheat the necessary production equipment.