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What is the Role of Aluminum Refining Agent?


Aluminum refining agent is white powder or granular produced by mixing various inorganic salts according to a certain ratio after drying them. It plays an important role in aluminum refining. What are the concrete functions of aluminum refining agent? A detailed introduction is as follows. 

1. Functions of aluminum refining agent

Aluminum refining agent is mainly used to remove the hydrogen inside the aluminum liquid and the floating oxidation slag, which can make the aluminum liquid much purer and remove the slag. Some components of aluminum refining agent are easy to decompose at high temperature, the gas genarated by which can react with hydrogen, strongly adsorb slag and quickly escape from the melt, playing a role in slag removal to a certain extent.

2. Applications of aluminum refining agent

Aluminum refining agent can be used in a variety of aluminum alloys except alloy with higher magnesium and aluminum magnesium alloys. It can be used for pure aluminum smelting, playing the role of refining and slag removal. When using, you only need to sprinkle the aluminum refining agent on the surface, after which the refiner will quickly dissolve in the aluminum solution, then you thoroughly stir the solution. With the aid of jet machine, the aluminum refining agent can be injected better with gas inserted such as nitrogen and argon.

What calls for special attention in the injection process is that we should start with gas turned on before powder supplying and end with powder cut off before gas stopped to prevent the aluminum refining agent from blocking the nozzle. If the aluminum refining agent is found to be damp or agglomerated, you just need to open the package to dry it in the sun for later use.

Adding enough aluminum refining agent in proportion, so that the surface of the aluminum liquid can be evenly covered and aluminum liquid can be protected from air oxidation.