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What Are the Different Uses of Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate?


Magnesium chloride hexahydrate is a colorless crystal, which is columnar or needle-like and has a bitter taste. Easily soluble in water and ethanol, easy to get damp when humidity is high.

1. MgCl2 hexahydrate used in building materials

Made with magnesite (MgO) strong corrosion-resistant magnesia cement, which can be made into artificial marble, terracotta tiles, floors, ceilings, decorative panels, fireproof panels, greenhouse supports, inorganic glass steel greenhouse framework, magnesite insulation chicken Houses, wave colored tiles, ventilation ducts, partition wall panels, magnesite manhole covers, bathtubs, door and window frames and mobile homes. Used as an antifreeze during winter construction.

2. MgCl2 hexahydrate used in machinery industry

In daily life, magnesite can be used to make mechanical packaging boxes, triangular cushions and furniture, etc. It is a good material for "substituting soil for materials".

3. MgCl2 hexahydrate used in food industry

It is a protein coagulant. The tofu made with brine (food grade magnesium chloride aqueous solution) is more tender and delicious than the tofu made with gypsum, and it is also used as an additive in some foods.

4. MgCl2 hexahydrate used in the transportation industry

Used as a road ice and snow melting agent, MgCl2 hexahydrate has a fast deicing speed and is less corrosive to vehicles, which is higher than that of sodium chloride.

5. MgCl2 hexahydrate used in medicine

It can be used for medicinal purposes to make "dried brine" with magnesium chloride.

In addition to the above uses, magnesium chloride hexahydrate can also be used as a coal mine fireproofing agent, road dustproofing agent, and soil stabilization. It is widely used and can bring us great help.