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What Are the Characteristics of Aluminum Alloy Flux?


The research on aluminum alloy flux is still in the development stage in China. Many inventions and innovations are carried out on scrap aluminum flux, mainly because the development of scrap aluminum recycling industry is relatively slow. Aluminum alloy flux must be one of the products used in the process of scrap aluminum recycling.

Next, let's give you a brief introduction to the relevant content of fluxes for aluminum alloys.

Ⅰ. Application of fluxes for aluminum alloys

Fluxes for aluminum alloys are particularly suitable for recovering metal aluminum (aluminum alloy) from scrap aluminum slag, and belong to the technical field of metal processing or recycling. Generally, aluminum is recovered from scrap aluminum slag, the process is complicated, the conditions are poor, and the recovery rate is low. The use of aluminum alloy flux can avoid various risks and is simple and economical.

Ⅱ. The composition of fluxes for aluminum alloys

Fluxes for aluminum alloys include a pre-melted mixture of NaNO₂, Na₂SiF₃ and NaCl, KCl, etc. It can be used to recover aluminum under various conditions. The method is simple, the amount of use is small, and the recovery rate is high.

Ⅲ. The characteristics of fluxes for aluminum alloys

Aluminum alloy flux for recovering metallic aluminum from scrap aluminum slag, which contains Na2SiF6 (or Na3AlF6, a pre-melted mixture of NaCl and KCl, its characteristics are as follows:

1. The main heating agent is NaNO3 (or KNO3);

2. The weight percentage of each component in the aluminum alloy flux is: NaNO3(or KNO3 30-60% Na2SiF6 (or Na3AlF6 15-30% NaCl, KCl pre-melted mixture 10-40%.