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What are the Advantages and Characteristics of Aluminum Slag Remover Flux?


Advantages  of Aluminum Slag Remover Flux

1. Reducing power consumption
High-temperature heating is not necessary to remove the slag layer on the upper lining, which can reduce the waste of electricity.
2. Increased smelting efficiency
The slag layer will cause the lining to become thicker, which will require longer time and more power consumption to melt the same amount of molten iron.
3. Reducing the cost of manpower
There is no need to knock out the slag and repair the lining.
4. Reducing material cost
The service life of the lining is increased by 62%, and the manpower and material resources consumed by frequent replacement and repair of the lining are saved.
5. Improve production efficiency
The production efficiency of an electric furnace has been greatly improved. There is no need to shut down for maintenance, which avoids the influence of high-temperature heating on the life of an electric furnace.

Aluminum Slag Remover Flux features:

1. A small addition, strong slagging ability, easy to crust and remove;
2. The slag is brittle and does not stick to the lining, so as to improve the life of the lining.
3. Light specific gravity, large expansion coefficient, good covering, and heat preservation performance, and small temperature drop when dealing with liquid metal;
4. When pouring into a small pot, it can prevent reflective refraction for easy operation.
5. Effectively covering the surface of liquid metal to reduce the oxidation of alloying elements during smelting.
6. Do not change the metal composition, do not pollute the liquid metal;
7. Smoke-free and dust-free in use to maintain a clean workshop production environment.