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Usage and Precautions of Manganese Additives


There are a variety of metal products around us. Except common stainless steel products, you will also find that aluminum alloy and magnesium alloy products are widely used. The housing decoration adopts aluminum doors and windows as well as aluminum sheet where there are manganese additives in aluminum plate smelting, so, how to use general manganese additives? What special attention should be paid to when using manganese additives?

Manganese additives are used in the process of smelting aluminum alloy and play a refining role after adding manganese additives, and we must master the correct use method of manganese additives.

You must add manganese additives according to the produced alloy model. Calculate the amount according to the casting yield, sprinkle the additive uniformly in the aluminum molten pool and make it fully spread until the flame disappear after artificial agitation.

As pure metal powder and flux in aluminum alloy melt, manganese additives are mixed according to a certain proportion and form a cylinder after pressing. Appropriate aluminum alloy can prevent overheating and melting loss and improve the stability and plasticity of the whole aluminum alloy. Please pay attention to the quantity and the entire operation in adding manganese additives.