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Usage and Dosage of Deslagging Agent for Aluminium Casting


The quality of deslagging agent for aluminium casting produced by our company has been proved by actual use, and the effect has reached the level of similar products abroad. Because all domestic raw materials are used for local production, the price is far lower than that of imported products. Since it was put into the market, it has been affirmed and trusted by domestic and foreign customers. The products are now exported to Korea, India, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, and other countries and regions.

Deslagging agent for aluminium casting is simple and convenient to use. It is usually sprayed on the surface of molten metal after the casting process is filled with foam. It can also be used in an electric heating furnace. It should be sprinkled on the surface of the molten metal before the melting is finished and the slagging on the surface can be picked out by steel brazing. If the slag content is too much, it can be repeated once. The amount of slag used depends on the slag content of molten iron and the quality requirement of castings. One ton of molten iron is 1-1.5kg. It is used to remove slag from molten iron and spread it on the surface of molten metal. It will spread and cover the surface of molten metal automatically. It will decrease with the pouring of molten iron, and it will not stick or hang the package. After the molten iron is poured, the covering layer is picked out by steel brazing or left on the surface of the remaining liquid metal for thermal insulation.

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