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The Main Function of Furnace Cleaning Flux


1. The use of furnace cleaning flux

The fume gas contains little water, sulfur trioxide and ash, etc. when the bunker coal is burned. The heating surface will condense sulfuric acid in low temperature which is like a layer of film, with one side stuck to the heating surface corroding iron and the other side constantly adhered to the ash in the fume gas, forming a variety of sulfate and gradually thickening. On the high temperature heating surface, sulfur trioxide and sodium oxide are combined to directly generate sodium sulfate with low melting point or then generate a lower melting point double salt which constantly adheres to the ash in the fume gas and gradual thickens. The coal-fired furnace will coke on the high temperature heating surface and furnace wall due to the low fusion point of coal ash.

The heat resistance of ash slag is 400 times that of the metal on the heating surface of the furnace, which makes the heat transfer on the heating surface deteriorate, reduces the thermal efficiency, consumes energy, or reduces the output of the furnace, failing to reach the rated evaporation capacity. This is where the furnace cleaning flux comes in.

2. The application of furnace cleaning flux

Furnace cleaning flux is mainly appied to furnace to remove ash, slag and coking on the heating surface, keep the surface clean, reduce the thermal resistance of heating surface, increase thermal efficiency and furnace processing, reduce the labor of cleaning furnace, save coal by more than 5% to reduce high temperature and low temperature heating surface corrosion and prolong the service life of furnace.

The furnace with heat pipe heat exchanger can decrease the slagging speed of heat pipe heating surface, making the cinder crisp and easily removed, which creates favorable conditions for the popularization and application of heat pipe. The practice has proved that the furnace cleaning flux index reaches the international level of similar products.