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The Main Advantages and Application of Sodium Free Refining Flux


Sodium free refining flux is formulated from a variety of sodium free salts and other organic compounds in a certain proportion. It is mainly suitable for the refining treatment of automobiles, motorcycle wheels, pure aluminum, and aluminum alloys with strontium and phosphorus modification.

Ⅰ. The main advantages of sodium free refining flux

1. The sodium free refining agent reacts in the aluminum melt to release a variety of gases to refine and remove the slag from the aluminum melt.

2. Sodium free refining flux does not contain sodium, which avoids or reduces the phenomenon of white spots on the surface of aluminum and aluminum alloys, and improves the surface quality of the product.

3. The use of sodium free refining flux can greatly improve the deterioration effect of strontium and phosphorus modifiers.

When using sodium free refining flux, it is necessary to put a certain amount of flux into the bell jar and press it into the depth of the aluminum melt within the refining temperature range, and move it smoothly to various parts until the flux reaction is complete. If it is a large launch furnace, you can also use a powder sprayer to spray this product into the aluminum liquid, and the effect of full mixing is better. Or you can sprinkle this product evenly on the surface of molten aluminum. Fully agitate the aluminum slag, and the molten slag will be dry and powdery. It has good separation from the molten aluminum and is loose and easy to remove.

Ⅱ. Application of Sodium Free Refining Flux

Regardless of the pharmaceutical industry or the metal industry, sodium free refining flux is one of the common flux products, which is mainly white powder or granules and prepared by a variety of inorganic salt treatments in a certain proportion.

The addition of an appropriate amount of sodium free refining flux when smelting aluminum products can effectively remove the hydrogen contained in the aluminum liquid and the floating oxidized slag.

The main reason is that the sodium free refining flux is easy to decompose at high temperature, especially the produced gas is prone to chemical reaction, and the adsorption capacity of slag inclusion is strong, which can allow hydrogen to escape from the melt. Therefore, it can have very obvious slag removal. It is a good choice for companies with high requirements for smelting pure aluminum, and has been unanimously recommended and recognized by customers and friends.

In fact, the use of sodium free refining flux is relatively simple. You can learn more about its usage before using it. In particular, evenly sprinkle it on the liquid surface, quickly press it into the aluminum liquid, fully stir, and then slag off after standing still.

In the process of usage, you can use a sprayer. It will be better to spray it with inert gas. The dosage is about 0.3% of the weight of the aluminum liquid. If the purity of the aluminum liquid is relatively high, please add more sodium free refining flux.