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The Introduction & Usage Method of Mg Remover Flux


Ⅰ. The role of Mg remover flux

The design of the flux composition is based on substances such as chloride and fluoride (sodium fluorosilicate, sodium chloride, aluminum fluoride...), under the combined action of dispersed small bubbles and active flux, as the reaction speed is adjusted to achieve the purpose of strong magnesium removal, while effectively removing calcium and other metal inclusions in the aluminum melt, and has the functions of refining and degassing, removing inclusions, etc., so as to achieve the purpose of purifying the aluminum melt.

Ⅱ. How to use magnesium removal agent

1. Mg remover flux is sprayed with inert gas as the carrier. The powder spraying tank is slowly circling in the furnace and the inert gas pressure should not be too high. The Mg remover flux should be effective in the furnace and fully react with the aluminum melt.

2. Before spraying, the burner should be turned off. During the spraying process, make sure that the Mg remover flux is in full contact with the molten aluminum.

3. Before spraying, the temperature of the aluminum melt should be raised to 690~710℃, and after spraying, the temperature should be kept below 760℃.

4. Variables that affect the effect of Mg remover flux:

(1) It is proportional to the temperature;

(2) The more magnesium content in the aluminum melt, the more obvious the effect;

(3) Sampling location (tester factor);

(4) The standard of Mg remover flux effect is (4~6kg of magnesium remover can remove 1kg of magnesium).