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SATA - Professional Potassium Aluminium Fluoride Supplier


SATA is one of the professional potassium aluminum fluoride suppliers, and can provide you with high-quality potassium aluminum fluoride. Potassium aluminum fluoride produced by SATA can be used as a flux in auxiliary aluminum smelting to reduce or remove the magnesium content in the melt or maximize the metal recovery rate, which is a flux in the metal industry; it can also be used to make grinding wheels (Filler/binder) and other abrasive products.

Potassium aluminum fluoride (PAF), inorganic salt; also known as potassium cryolite, potassium aluminum fluoride, KAIF. PAF is a kind of high pure inorganic molten salt, which is widely used in industrial production. PAF is often used as filler in the production of abrasives ; it is used as a salt flux in metal processing industry to maximize the metal recovery rate of secondary molten aluminum; at the same time, it can also be used as an additive to accelerate the dispersion and reduce the magnesium content in liquid aluminum alloy.

Next, we will introduce the application of potassium aluminum fluoride in abrasive products:

PAF binds the abrasive to the surface of the abrasive tool and plays the role of the binder. The material used as binder must have enough bond strength to prevent abrasive from falling off or damaging the surface of the workpiece, and also have enough toughness to be lower than the axial force and radial force produced during grinding. In addition, PAF can quickly export the heat generated on the workpiece to keep the it cool, thus preventing oxidation. The chemical contact between PAF and the workpiece surface also enhances the grinding performance.

PAF is mainly used for resin bonded abrasives, especially phenolic resin bonded abrasives. Among them, the binder includes a series of bonding components: resin, cryolite, PAF, and pyrite. Cryolite and PAF can keep the grinding surface cool and prevent surface oxidation.