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Why Magnesium Remover Flux is in Demand?


1. Considering the production cost, certain amount of aluminum scrap was added when manufacturing the aluminium alloy. The scrap is mainly the components of old automobiles and equipment.

The content of Magnesium will be too much higher in these scrap and the unsteady content of Magnesium occurs in some Magnesium alloy castings. This will failed in producing the required standard alloy ingots. In order to lower the magnesium content, some foundries wash by using high purity aluminium ingot. This method can achieve the goal .The large quantity of high purity aluminium ingot consumption increases the production cost and complicated the production process.

2. The effective operation of Magnesium removing is required if the Magnesium content is beyond stipulation in case of using aluminum scrap for alloying.

SATA magnesium remover flux gives you the best solution. Our flux is easy in use with its excellent performance. Removing magnesium and refining at same time.