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Usage of Aluminum Alloy Refining Flux Products


The CL2, N2 and CO2 gases produced by aluminum alloy refining flux in the aluminium industry reflect the physical and chemical refining of aluminium liquid at the same time, so it has the function of strong degassing and refining impurities.

1. Product application:

It is suitable for aluminium alloys other than magnesium and aluminium alloys. After refining, slag can be quickly removed and cast.

2. product advantages:

Block aluminium alloy refining flux product is simple and convenient to operate.

3. Use methods:

  • First, coat the bell jar with protective paint and then heat it. Do not bring in water.
  • Slag cleaning agent should be used to protect the liquid level before refining.
  • The adding temperature of the product is 700-740 C.
  • The effect of each addition of flux is about 10-15 minutes, reflecting the rolling effect.
  • The deeper the aluminium alloy refining flux product is pressed, the bigger the capacity is, the fuller the reflection is.
  • It is not appropriate to press the product to the bottom of the furnace during operation. 100 mm away from the bottom of the furnace is the best or batch processing to prevent liquid aluminium from spilling over. It is advisable to use a dispersed or plum blossom bell jar in large furnaces to avoid excessive concentration of flux and incomplete or intense reflection.

4. Dosage:

The addition amount is 3-5% by weight of liquid aluminium.

5.Packaging and storage:

500g/block, 25kg/box.
Ventilation and drying must be used immediately after opening bags, not used up need to be sealed.

6. Warranty Period:

From the date of production, 12 months. All bagged products must be used up within 4 hours. If the package is in good condition, even more than 12 months, as long as there is no caking and moisture, the use effect will not be affected.