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The Use of Sodium Removering


Sodium remover is mainly used to remove impurity sodium in aluminium alloy, which has good effect of degassing and slag removal. Because Na is a common impurity element in high purity raw aluminium and raw magnesium ingots, the presence of Na in melting and casting process has a great influence on high magnesium aluminium alloy (the mass fraction of Mg is more than 3%). When the mass fraction of sodium is too high, the technological properties will deteriorate in melting and casting production, especially that the hot brittleness of the alloy will increase and the cracks will occur in casting. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the determination method of sodium content in sodium remover in order to improve the quality of aluminum alloy ingot and the casting process performance.

First, performance and use:

1. Sodium remover is used to remove excess sodium in aluminium removing liquid.
2. It has a strong function of removing sodium. The optimum capacity of removing sodium is 0.1% sodium removable (sodium removering flux ) about 20-50 ppm.
3. The ability of degassing and removing inclusions is strong, which can significantly reduce the existence of inclusions and pinholes in castings.
4. After the reaction, the slag and aluminium are well separated and the scum is easy to remove.

Second, using method:

Before refining, ZS-AZ6 slagging agent (sodium-free) should be used to remove a large amount of scum.
1. Artificial throwing method: artificially throw the required product evenly onto the surface of liquid aluminium, press it into the depth of aluminium liquid with mesh plate tool, and stir it so that the powder can disperse in the molten pool as far as possible. After reaction, it is placed for 10-15 minutes and slag is removed.
2. Inert gas injection method: The product is evenly sprayed into the melt by using the injection device, stirred evenly, and laid aside for 10-15 minutes before slag removal.
3. Addition temperature: above 720 ℃.
4. The dosage of the sodium remover is usually 0.2-0.6% of the amount of aluminium to be treated or determined by experiments according to the requirements of the flux of sodium removal.

Third, packaging and storage:

The sodium remover is white powder and the inner packing is plastic bags, 10 kg per bag, packed in cartons and 20 kg per box, which is stored in a ventilated and dry place and is moisture-proof.