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The Role of Magnesium Alloy Flux


In order to prevent the oxidation and combustion of magnesium and magnesium alloy melt, the smelting is generally adopted under the protection of flux layer. Flux plays an important role in the melting process of magnesium alloy, mainly in the following two aspects.

1. Molten flux is used on surface tension to form a continuous and complete coating on the surface of the magnesium melt that insulates air and water vapor, prevents the oxidation of magnesium, or inhibits the combustion of magnesium.

2. Refining effect

The molten flux has good wetting and adsorption capacity for inclusions, it uses the density difference of the melt and the molten metal, and removes the metal inclusions with the melt from the melt. Therefore, flux is usually divided into covering agent and refining agent. The quality of flux directly affects the quality of magnesium alloy.