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Metal Additives


Metal additives also be called alloying tablet is a kind of novel product that can replace the master alloy.

It was mixed proportionally by pure metal powder with certain fluxing agent then pressed to a tablet form. Metal additives can simplify the aluminium alloy smelting technology, save power and raw material, reduce the production cost. Most important, it can help the foundry to control accurately the alloying element, enhance the product quality. Metal additives are with features of high metal content, small bulk, easy to transport as well as convenient in application.

Advantages of Metal Additives:

1. With average element content.
2. With low melting point, reduce the aluminium and alloying element buring loss.
3. Lower down the production cost.
4. Excellent addition principle and convenient application
5. Steady element actual absorption rate and economic production method.

Application of Metal Additives:

Directly added into smelting furnace is acceptable. Also, can be added into holding furnace but must before refining.
The absorption rate of alloying element always become quicker when the temperature becomes higher and higher. On-site experiences proves that Aluminium and its alloys specially Liquid aluminium temperature must be controlled to 740±10℃ then add the alloying tablets. Otherwise, more time will be required for metal absorption.

Details of Metal Additives:

1. Remove the surface slag of melting bath, add the tablets during normal operation temperature 730~750℃, stay for 20~30min.
2. No need weighting when start to use.
3. All plastic packing is thin film not containing chlorine. Fully stir the melting bath for7~15min after staying, skimming off  the slags carefully, take samples for analyzing chemicals, start casting once quality is ok.