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How to use Magnesium Remover


First, performance and use:

1. This product is used to remove excessive magnesium in liquid aluminium.
2. This product has good effect of removing magnesium and strong ability of removing magnesium, which is an efficient magnesium remover.
(1) 1 # Magnesium Remover: 3-4 kg (upper limit of small melting furnace) about 1 kg of Magnesium Removal.
(2) 2 # Magnesium Remover: 5-6 kg (upper limit of small melting furnace) about 1 kg of Magnesium Removal.

Second, matters for the use of magnesium removers:

1. Use method of small crucible boiler: after the temperature is reached, remove the scum, and sprinkle the required product on the liquid surface, and press it into the depth of molten aluminium (about 10 centimeters from the bottom of the furnace) with a pressure cover, and move it to all parts of the furnace. After the reaction is completed, it is placed for 25-30 minutes and dregs are removed.
2. The inert gas injection method is using the injection device to spray the required product evenly into the melt, stirring evenly, being in the stationary for 25-30 minutes, and scraping slag.
3. The amount of this product is calculated by the following formula: (the original magnesium content of the alloy - the required amount of magnesium)x the amount of molten aluminium * (3-4) or (5-6).
4. Addition temperature:
(1) 1 # magnesium remover: 680-720℃ (2) 2 # magnesium remover: 730-760

Third, packaging and storage of magnesium remover:

2.5kg/bag, 25kg/box. Or according to customer requirements. Store in a dry, cool and ventilated place to prevent dampness.
Quality guarantee period: 12 months from the date of production. All bagged products must be used up within 4 hours. If the package is in good condition, even after more than 12 months, as long as there is no caking and moisture, the use effect will not be affected.

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