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How to Use Drossing Fluxes for Refining Correctly


How to use drossing fluxes for refining correctly

1. Performance characteristics:

Drossing fluxes for refining has the functions of covering, slag removal, degassing, deterioration and refining, and can purify liquid aluminium. Aluminum impurities only need to be added once. The operation is simple. There is no severe reaction, no black aversion and no irritating odor in the process of aluminium reaction. Compared with other liquid aluminium solvents, the slag and degassing effect is better, which reduces the labor intensity of workers, improves the working environment and improves the working efficiency. Because drossing fluxes for refining have the function of modification and refinement, it can improve the structure, physical and mechanical properties, enhance the tensile strength, stabilize the elongation, improve the surface brightness and product qualification rate of aluminium products after application.

2. Scope of application

It is suitable for the smelting of deep-processing raw materials such as aluminium and aluminium alloy, plate, rod, pipe, dies casting, aluminium plate, strip, and foil, except high magnesium alloy.

3. Dosage and usage

The dosage is 0.15-0.4%. Users can increase or decrease the melting dosage according to the impurities in aluminium. When the temperature of molten aluminium is above 700 C, the powder flux is blown into the depth of molten aluminium to react, so that hydrogen atoms can be adsorbed in the process of bubbles floatation, and the purpose of degassing, slag removal and grain refinement can be achieved.

4.Notes: This product is divided into two types

1. Hexachloroethane has been added into it, that is, JKAJ-1 (1);
2. Hexachloroethane was not added to the mixture, that is, JKAJ-1 (2);

5. Packaging and Storage

2.5kg/bag, 25kg/box. Ventilation and drying must be used immediately after opening bags, not used up need to be sealed.

6.Warranty Period

From the date of production, 12 months. All open-bag drossing fluxes for refining products must be used up within 4 hours. If the package is in good condition, even more than 12 months, as long as there is no caking and moisture, the use effect will not be affected.