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How to use Aluminium Slag Removing Agent


Aluminum slag removing agent is used to remove the slag on the surface of casting solution in foundry factory and iron and steel factory to ensure that the casting solution does not contain impurities, preventing oxidation. And as a thermal insulation material, it has excellent performance.


1. The slag and foreign matter mixed in the casting solution can be aggregated, and the residue can be removed once.
2. The surface of casting solution is uniformly sown, which can collect slag and foreign matter to prevent mixing in products during pouring.
3. It will not change the composition of casting solution.
4. A small amount of sowing can be done, which is easy to operate and will not raise dust when sowing.
5. Compared with straw ash, rice husk is more convenient to manage and keep, and it does not occupy space.
6. The aluminum slag removing agent can be supplied at any time without the risk of fire.
7. Produced by professional factories, the quality of aluminum slag removing agent can be maintained uniformly.

Usage method:

1. Use spoons, shovels, etc. to take "Shichuan Light Stone" and sow it near the casting solution. At the same time of the expanding, a layer of skin film is formed on the surface of the solution, which binds with the slag to form an expansive body. Clean casting liquid can be obtained by removing the expander with appropriate rod tools.
2. According to the type of solution, the capacity of the pot and the dissolving furnace is chosen, and the use purpose and the amount of the solution are also different.