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Furnace Cleaning Flux


Furnace Cleaning Flux is a kind of casting fluxes, the traditional furnace cleaning flux does not have a strong fluxing effect, which is insufficient and caused high-melting-point, high-viscosity sedimentation slag to be removed from the furnace bottom and the wall, therefore, the slag cleaning operation has high strength and poor cleaning effect, the use efficiency is low. The exothermic component is added to the flux, in the trial, the furnace temperature should be above 800 ° C, the furnace cleaning flux is sprayed on the furnace wall and the bottom of the furnace, the heat released during the reaction is dozens of times higher than the heat released by the existing furnace cleaning agent, which makes the temperature of the deposited slag quickly reach above 1000℃. The sodium fluoroaluminate in the flux and the strong oxidant fluorine are released in the reaction, it absorbs and dissolves aluminium and heavy metals in the deposited slag to form a gel-like substance with reduced viscosity and easy peeling, so that the operation is easy and it also gets a better effect.