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Characteristics of Drossing


Usage and dosage of slag remover: High efficient slag remover can be used in ladle, crucible furnace, electric furnace and reverberatory furnace. The aluminium drossing flux is good and the slag removal efficiency is high. Sprinkle the solution surface artificially or with a spray gun as evenly as possible to reduce the dosage. After a little stirring, the slag remover expands rapidly and evenly, and at the same time, the slag film on the surface of the solution is rapidly conjugated with the slag, which increases the aluminium drossing flux and agglomerates the slag shell which is easily separated from the metal solution. Clean metal solution can be obtained by using appropriate tools to pick out the slag. Slag remover can be poured by spraying a little covering on the surface of the solution. The dosage depends on the type of solution, the slag content of the solution, the capacity of the dissolving furnace and the quality requirement of the casting.

In the smelting process of some non-ferrous metal alloys, such as cast iron, cast steel and copper-nickel base alloy, slag remover can adjust the hard-to-treat slag formed in the smelting process, change the aluminium drossing flux, and agglomerate it into a viscous slag layer suitable for plasticity. Thus, the slag formed in the smelting process can be removed conveniently, completely and cleanly. Avoid slag inclusion in castings and reduce the rejection rate of castings. Improve the utilization rate of smelting metals, improve the quality of castings, reduce energy consumption, shorten the operation cycle and facilitate operation.

Main characteristics of drossing: it can collect all kinds of slag and impurities in casting solution to ensure the cleanliness of molten iron. Slag discharge is simple, leaving no scattered floats, which is not sticking to the package, not damaging the package wall and furnace wall. It have the heat preservation, reducing the loss of alloy elements.