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Characteristics of Drossing


The slagging speed of converter is the key factor affecting converter efficiency. Lime in converter is melted by adjusting the lance position of oxygen lance, which produces a large amount of iron oxide on the surface of molten steel. The ideal slagging route is the decisive factor to determine the converter smelting efficiency.

The drossing produced by our company alleviates the disadvantageous factors of iron oxide to melt lime. The pre-melting process of calcium oxide, alumina and iron oxide is adopted to produce a new type of converter slag remover with high drossing flux and good effect. Because of the pre-melting process, calcium oxide is melted in advance, calcium ferrite and calcium aluminate are formed in advance with iron oxide and alumina, which can reduce the heat needed for converter melting and shorten the melting time. The composite minerals formed by ferric oxide and alumina and calcium oxide have low melting point and fast melting speed, which can promote the quick melting of lime in converter. The price of this product is relatively low. The product can reduce the use of converter lime, reduce the use of the sinter powder or other iron oxide flux for converter, and effectively reduce the cost of converter smelting.

Product description

The drossing uses calcium oxide, alumina oxide and iron oxide to pre-melt in high temperature furnace outside converter to realize the formation of low melting point compounds in advance of calcium oxide, alumina and iron oxide, which ensures the rapid stabilization of slag and slagging of converter. The drossing flux is large and the effect is good.

Product characteristics:

1. The main mineral compositions of this product are calcium aluminate and calcium ferrite, and the main chemical compositions are calcium oxide, alumina oxide and iron oxide.
2. The product has uniform chemical composition, no component segregation and good drossing flux, which provides guarantee for the rapid formation of converter slag, greatly shortening smelting time and reducing comprehensive energy consumption.
3. According to customer's requirements, this product produces different granularity slag agent balls, which is convenient for storage, transportation, storage, and non-pulverization and non-volatilization, and can significantly reduce dust pollution in iron and steel plants.
4. This product can partly replace the use of lime, reduce the use of lime, and increase the metal yield by about 0.5-1%.