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Reasons for the Different Prices of Anhydrous Magnesium Chloride


Anhydrous magnesium chloride and hexahydrate magnesium chloride are the most popular products among magnesium chloride manufacturers, referring to the industrial grade. Now SATA will focus on explaining the difference in the price of anhydrous magnesium chloride.

Ⅰ. Does anhydrous magnesium chloride really contain no moisture?

Anhydrous magnesium chloride content greater than 99% is collectively referred to as anhydrous magnesium chloride. Then someone will definitely ask why there is no moisture at all? Because it is impossible to be completely in a vacuum environment in the production process of MgCl2 hexahydrate manufacturers, according to its own characteristics, as long as it contacts the air, it will absorb the moisture in the air, so the content will decrease.


Ⅱ. What are the factors related to the price of anhydrous magnesium chloride?

1. The color of anhydrous magnesium chloride

The color will appear as white as flour, followed by gray and milky white.

2. The shape of anhydrous magnesium chloride

The price of anhydrous magnesium chloride is also related to the shape of the appearance. The price of normal flakes is lower than the price of granules and less than the price of powder, because the latter two require separate equipment for granulation or crushing.

3. The content of anhydrous magnesium chloride

Almost all magnesium chloride manufacturers cannot produce anhydrous magnesium chloride with a content of 99.99% and above, but the higher the content, the higher the price of anhydrous magnesium chloride.

4. Raw materials of anhydrous magnesium chloride

According to the market supply and demand and the price of raw materials, anhydrous magnesium chloride will increase in different ranges.

The above is our summary of the different prices of anhydrous magnesium chloride.