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Production Method of Aluminium Alloy Casting Refining Flux


In the process of refining and transportation of molten metal, foreign matter such as oxide scale, intermetallic compounds, and hearth fragments are easily brought into the molten metal to form non-metallic inclusions. 

These non-metallic inclusions are mainly oxide inclusions. Aluminum alloy casting refining flux can remove these impurities, thereby improving the purity of aluminum alloy.

The production method of aluminum alloy casting refining flux is as follows:

Fusion method:

The high melting point (for aluminum alloy) inorganic salt according to the low eutectic point ratio is subjected to high temperature dehydration and high temperature melting treatment to produce a low melting point mixed salt, which is then crushed into blocks or powdered after condensation. This method is dehydrated thorough.

When using the fusion method to make refining flux, you can first melt the low-melting chlorine salt, add refractory ingredients at a certain temperature, fuse together at high temperature, and then cast into blocks, store in a dry container, and break before use , Milled and sieved. The refining flux made by the fusion method is of high quality, can fully remove the water, and has a uniform composition. Generally, the refining flux is made by this method. The production process can be divided into two stages: melting of refining agent-hot processing of refining agent, crushing and grinding of refining agent-cold processing of refining agent.

1) Thermal processing of refining agent

First of all, the ingredients should be rationally prepared according to various ingredients, and the furnace charge should be clean and free of visible mechanical impurities and dirt. The chemical composition of each material should meet the relevant standards for use. Then, the smelting of the refining flux is performed.

2) Cold processing of refining agent

The melted refining agent should be placed in a dry place or in a sealed subway box. When required for production, it will be crushed and milled manually or mechanically and processed into a block or powdered refining flux with a certain particle size as required.