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Granulated De-Na Flux
Granulated De-Na Flux
Granulated De-Na Flux
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General Description of Granulated De-Na Flux

Sodium is almost insoluble in Aluminium and Aluminium alloy. When the magnesium content in the aluminum alloy exceeds 2%, the sodium in the melt will appear in the form of free sodium, which will cause "sodium brittle". Therefore, it is necessary to use the flux to remove sodium in the high-magnesium alloys.
Granulated De-Na Flux is a granular fused flux with excellent performance in remove sodium from Aluminium melt; it also has refining, drossing, and covering. Degassing and other functions, no fume and dust during use; it is a kind of environmentally friendly flux.

Application of Granulated De-Na Flux

  • Suitable for 1xx/3xx/6xx/8xx series Al-Alloy.
  • Used to remove Na from Aluminium melt.
  • Multi-function with refining, drossing, covering, degassing.

Advantage of Granulated De-Na Flux

  • Granulated fused fluxes with uniform granule
  • Prevent furnace, launder, in-line degasser and casting nozzle from piling sludge and slag.
  • Less fume and no dust with low dosage.
  • Obtain dry and loose dross and reduce metal loss
  • Low melting point for rapid dispersion.

Specification of Granulated De-Na Flux

  • Appearance: off-white granule
  • Grain Size: 1-3mm
  • Recommended application rate: 0.8-1.5kg/MT
  • Shelf time: 12 months

Package of Granulated De-Na Flux

  • Packed in 5kg PE, 25kg PP, 1000kg jumbo bags or customized
  • Stored in dry, well-ventilated place, and avoid direct sunlight

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