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JINZHOU SATA Scouring Agent Produced newly Plays the Role of Drossing


Refiners are mainly used in blast furnaces, converters and refining furnaces. Slag can be removed in the smelting of alloys, with a good drossing flux, and metal content can be adjusted. In order to avoid slag inclusion in castings, refiners are used to improve the utilization rate of smelting metals and the quality of castings. What are the specific functions of refiners? Here is a detailed introduction for you.

Refiner plays the role of slag removal

It is convenient to remove slag after adding proper amount of refining agent, because slag removal is an important process in the smelting process. Refining agent can be added to crucible furnace, reverberatory furnace and electric furnace. After adding, the slag can quickly gather together to form a easily separated slag layer, which can ensure that the melt enters the next process.

Adding refining agent before slag pouring can remove a large amount of slag agent, and then form a floating layer, which can save the trouble of manual slag removal and improve production efficiency. In addition, float layer can be formed according to need, or strip scum can be formed in pouring ladle and furnace mouth, which is more convenient to remove and has better drossing fluxes. In addition, the formation of scum plays a good role in thermal insulation of metal liquids, and is also a good covering agent.

Refining agent does not pollute and penetrate metal melt, which will not affect chemical composition and mechanical properties of castings. Whether it is any melt smelting, refining agent should be added, which can reduce the high-intensity labor caused by scraping slag, and is not conducive to pollution control.

The refining agent produced by our company is very convenient to use, with high purity, and there are many kinds of refining agent. It can be added according to the different metallurgical metals, effectively removing impurities, improving the quality of castings. Welcome new and old customers to come and buy.