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How to Judge the Performance Criteria of Alslag Remover Fluxes


Next, we will introduce in detail how to judge the performance of slag remover in steelmaking.
The performances of aluminium slag remover fluxes are reflected in slag removal effect, usage, dosage and iron loss.

1.Aluminum slag remover fluxes put into aluminium water ladle should have certain stickiness, be able to agglomerate slag into piles and have a certain strength. It is convenient to pick the slag out or pick it out at one time, saving the time of picking up slag (about 12 seconds, reducing power loss (electric furnace and temperature reduction).

2.2. The method of use is simple and does not need to be sown evenly.

3. Dosage: At present, the minimum dosage is 2 to 3 kilograms of aluminium slag remover fluxes per ton of aluminium water.

4. Enwrapping aluminium loss: The more aluminium water is lost along with the scraping of slag, the better aluminium slag remover fluxes can keep aluminium loss at about 1 kg per ton of aluminium treated.

5.Rapid reaction, certain expansibility, rapid projection, no need to stir.

6. It does not contain substances that change the composition of aluminium and water, so as to avoid affecting the properties of cast aluminium.

7.Aluminum slag remover fluxes do not raise dust, improve the working environment, do not contain toxic substances, and reduce the risk of occupational diseases among workers.

8. After cooling, the slag is brittle and easy to recover the wrapped aluminium.


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