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How to Distinguish Anhydrous Magnesium Chloride?


Ⅰ. Introduction of magnesium chloride anhydrous

The properties of magnesium chloride anhydrous are white lumps/flakes/powders. The melting point of magnesium chloride anhydrous is 714°C and the boiling point is 1412°C. Compared with magnesium chloride hexahydrate and magnesium chloride dihydrate, it has strong deliquescence.

Its physical and chemical properties are basically the same as magnesium chloride hexahydrate. It is widely used in the production of metal magnesium and in the fields of chemistry, light industry, coal, and construction.

Ⅱ. How to distinguish magnesium chloride anhydrous

To determine whether the product is real magnesium chloride anhydrous, the magnesium chloride manufacturer will tell you the following simple methods to identify it.

1. Appearance discrimination method: magnesium chloride anhydrous is generally a white powdery solid in terms of the appearance, while the appearance of hydrous magnesium chloride is generally crystalline, but some hydrous magnesium chloride is also powdery in appearance, such as magnesium chloride hexahydrate .

2. Weighing discrimination method: Compared with other methods, the weighing method is the simplest method, because the water and magnesium chloride anhydrous have different molecular weights.

3. Heating method: The heating method is to put a small amount of magnesium chloride in the test tube to stop heating. If there is water droplets on the test tube wall, it is water magnesium chloride, otherwise it is magnesium chloride anhydrous.

4. Determination of molecular weight method: This method is to distinguish it from the molecular level. Generally speaking, it is the most accurate to distinguish magnesium chloride from the molecular level. Quantitative chemical analysis of molecules is used in this operation.