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How to Control the Melting Temperature of Aluminum Alloy Flux?


How to control the melting temperature of aluminum alloy flux? JINZHOU SATA FUSED FLUXES AND NEW MATERIALS FACTORY will tell you about it!

1. The melting temperature of aluminum alloy flux is too low

It is not conducive to the dissolution of alloying elements, the discharge of gases and inclusions. It also increases the tendency to form segregation, cold separation, and under-casting. Meanwhile, due to insufficient riser heat, the castings cannot be properly fed. According to some information, the melting temperature of all aluminum alloys must be at least 705 degrees and should be stirred.

2. The melting temperature of aluminum alloy flux is too high

It is not only a waste of energy, but more serious because the higher the temperature, the more hydrogen absorbed, the coarser the crystal grains, the more serious the oxidation of aluminum, and the more serious the burning of some alloying elements, which decreases the mechanical properties of the alloy, deteriorates the performance and machining performance, weakens the effect of modification treatment, and reduces the air tightness of castings.

Production practice has proved that the alloy liquid is quickly heated to a suitable temperature. At the same time it is reasonably stirred with the fluxes for aluminum alloys to promote the dissolution of all alloy elements (especially refractory metal elements), and reduce the pouring temperature after removing the scum. In this way, the degree of segregation is relatively small, and the dissolved hydrogen is also less, which is conducive to obtaining an alloy with uniform density and high mechanical properties.

Because the temperature of aluminum alloy flux and melt is difficult to judge with the naked eye, no matter what type of melting furnace is used, temperature measuring instruments should be used to control the temperature. The temperature measuring instrument should be checked and repaired regularly.