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How about Special Aluminum Alloy Flux for Aluminum Slag Recovery?


There are many advantages in the application of special fluxes for aluminum alloys for aluminum slag recycling, and the applications are also wide. The details are as follows:

1. The characteristics of aluminum alloy flux for aluminum slag recycling

The special fluxes for aluminum alloys for aluminum slag recovery has good effect of removing impurities and high quality of molten aluminum. It can reduce the burning loss of aluminum and the formation of new oxides and oxide films during the smelting process. During the melting of fluxes for aluminum alloys, the molten aluminum does not stick to the furnace wall and is easy to clean, which can prolong the service life of the reverberatory furnace. The loose and dry aluminum slag is well separated, which is easy to remove, And the slag contains less aluminum.

2. The purpose of aluminum alloy flux special for aluminum slag recycling

A special aluminum alloy flux for aluminum slag recycling recovers fine-particle aluminum from aluminum slag.

3. The amount of aluminum alloy flux dedicated for aluminum slag recycling

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