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Furnace Cleaning Flux


Product description: white powder


Product specification: 20kg/box


Principles and function:

Due to the long-term working state of the melting furnace, it can not be cleaned in time, indicating that a large amount of slag is accumulated around the furnace wall and bottom, which reduces the aluminum melting amount and the furnace efficiency and increases the casting cost.


The traditional cleaning method is: stop the furnace and cool down for a period of time.Then use iron rods and other hard objects to lay down the slag. This kind of way needs intensive labor, and it is easy to damage the furnace, which is a last resort.


The furnace cleaning flux introduced by SATA can reduce the melting point and viscosity of slag, and make them loose and dry, which can be easily removed from furnace wall and bottom, so as to improve production efficiency, reduce cost and improve product quality.


After the aluminum alloy is melted, the furnace temperature is raised to 800-850℃ immediately. The molten aluminum in the furnace is reduced to the lowest operating level to expose the accumulated aluminum on the wall; Turn on the furnace, spray the furnace cleaning flux on the deposits on the furnace wall and bottom. Then turn off the furnace and turn on the furnace again after 10-15 minutes, and gently stir the mixture of flux and scum for about 2-5 minutes, and then slowly scrape off the softened deposit with a shovel and remove the scum.


Process parameters:

Temperature > 800℃



According to the thickness of furnace wall caking


Technical index:

Moisture content < 10%, particle size: - 18


Packaging and storage:

Place it (each bag of 2kg, each box of 20kg) in a dry place. The storage life is one year. When damp and caking, grind it into powder and have it dried below 100℃.