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Effect of Aluminum Alloy Casting Refining Flux on Impurity Removal


The aluminum alloy casting refining flux is white powder, which is mixed and prepared by a certain proportion of a variety of inorganic salts after drying treatment. It is mainly used to remove the floating oxide slag in the aluminum alloy.

In the aluminum alloy casting and smelting process, the aluminum alloy casting refining flux is added into the melt, and the aluminum alloy casting refining agent can remove metal impurities, oxides and oxides from the melt through physical, chemical or physical-chemical interactions. Other oxide inclusions and so on.The impurity removal ability of the refining agent is determined by the adsorption and dissolution of the refining agent on the oxide inclusions in the melt and the chemical effect between the refining agent and the impurities in the melt.

The smaller the interfacial tension between the aluminum alloy casting refining flux and the inclusions, the better the adsorption effect of the refining agent and the stronger the impurity removal effect. Some metal impurities in the aluminum melt are difficult to remove during the smelting process. These impurities can only be strictly restricted in the raw materials, such as silicon and iron impurities, while the other metal impurities, such as calcium, zinc and other metals, They will all have an adverse effect on the properties of aluminum alloy. These harmful impurities should be removed before smelting or casting. The traditional method is to add a refining agent in the furnace for treatment during smelting, so it is called "refining".

The aluminum alloy casting refining flux produced by SATA can effectively remove the oxide impurities in the aluminum alloy, thereby improving the purity of the aluminum alloy. If you are interested in our products, please contact us.