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Development of Fluxes for Aluminum Alloys


1. Advantages of the development of aluminum alloy flux

Granular flux for aluminum alloys is a new, efficient and environmentally friendly additive. It is used in the secondary refining process of aluminum alloy smelting and aluminum alloy casting. Its main function is to remove slag (miscellaneous) in the aluminum melt, reduce hydrogen content and aluminum loss.

Different from the traditional powdery flux, the granular fluxes for aluminum alloys have obvious technical advantages and economic benefits. At the same time, in the process of reacting with the aluminum melt, the gas released by the granular flux is non-toxic, and the exhaust volume is small, which greatly improves the production environment.

Based on the above advantages, the granular fluxes for aluminum alloys have attracted more and more attention in the industry, and there is a tendency to gradually replace the traditional powdered flux.

2. The characteristics of new aluminum alloy flux

The new aluminum alloy flux has low moisture absorption and low vapor pressure. It can automatically spread on the surface of the molten aluminum to form a continuous covering layer. And the flux and the molten aluminum can be separated automatically, which is easy to remove the slag. Meanwhile the flux emits less harmful gases and does not harm the health of workers. The production process is simple and the price is relatively low.

Granular aluminum alloy flux is produced under such a background, and it will inevitably receive more and more attention from the aluminum alloy smelting and casting industry, and gradually replace the existing traditional flux.