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Characteristics, Usage and Process Parameters of No Sodium Refining Flux


No sodium refining flux is mainly used as a spraying device, with inert (nitrogen or argon) as the carrier, the powder flux is evenly fed into the melt to achieve the purification of the melt. It has the advantages of both gas refining and flux refining.

1. Product characteristics:

The operation is simple and convenient, the labor intensity of workers is reduced, the utilization rate of flux is high, and the slag removal, gas removal and purification of the solution are effectively realized.

2.Usage and process parameters:

Quantitative no sodium refining flux is loaded into the storage tank of the ejector in the refining temperature range (700-740 C). First, nitrogen (nitrogen pressure is 1.2-1.8 kg/mm), then the switch under the refining tank is opened. When no sodium refining flux is ejected from the refining iron pipe, the iron pipe is inserted into the liquid aluminium for horizontal movement, and the insertion depth should be 2.0% of the liquid aluminium depth at the end of the iron pipe./ It is advisable to move the iron pipe around and around several times. Do not touch the furnace wall and bottom to prevent pipe blockage. Within the refining time (6-20T 15-25 minutes), the quantitative flux is sprayed out, and then the iron pipe is extracted from the liquid aluminium to shut down the nitrogen gas.

The company's production of no sodium refining flux meets the requirements of low dust, low sulfur emission in aluminium plant, and can achieve the refining effect of deoxidization, desulfurization and inclusion removal in aluminium alloy refining, thus contributing to the green development of environmental protection aluminium refining. In the process of aluminium ladle refining, the selection and operation system of refining slag are the key factors related to desulfurization, deoxidation, and removal of inclusions. Moreover, the company combines the characteristics of the industry to develop a variety of new products, can customize special specifications of products according to customer requirements, and provide casting technology solutions.