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Characteristic and Function of Deslagging Flux for Aluminum Industry


First, Functions and Characteristics

Mainly used for aggregating the surface of the aluminium aqueous solution, making it easy to remove and ensuring the purity of the aluminium aqueous solution. It can also be used as a high-quality thermal insulation covering agent and slag-holding material, with a thick thermal insulation layer and excellent slag-holding performance, which can effectively insulate the air and prevent the secondary oxidation of the aluminium aqueous solution.

The deslagging flux for aluminium industry does not burst, spreads quickly and evenly, and has strong slag gathering ability. It has the effective prevention of slag inclusion defects in castings, can improve the internal quality of castings, improve the yield of castings, reduce production costs; it has simple method of use, and can reduce labor intensity of workers, improve production efficiency.

Second, advantages of using methods

1. Slag Removal and Slag Retaining: High-efficiency deslagging flux for aluminium industry can be used in ladles, tundishes and electric furnaces. When it is sprayed uniformly on the surface of molten liquor by artificial or spraying gun, the slag shell which is easily separated from the metal solution can be quickly assembled with a little agitation, and the pure solution can be obtained by removing the slag shell, thus avoiding slag inclusion in castings and improving the quality of castings. And there is no explosion, no splash, no sticky package, no wall hanging. If slag retaining is needed, slag agglomerating agent can be added at the pouring ladle or furnace mouth before slag removal and casting, forming strip floating dam, sticking sporadic slag, eliminating manual slag retaining, reducing labor intensity and improving production efficiency.

2. Insulation covering: The thermal conductivity of high-efficiency deslagging flux for aluminium industry is low. Forming a good insulation layer on the surface of molten metal can reduce the heat loss of solution, which is an excellent thermal insulation covering agent for intermediate subcontracting or metal solution which needs to be parked for a long time.

3. Environmental protection: The high-efficiency deslagging flux for aluminium industry has no pollution and penetration to the molten metal, which does not affect its chemical composition and mechanical properties of castings. There is no smoke, dust and harmful gas pollution, which can purify the environment, and achieve the civilized production.

4. Dosage: The amount of high-efficiency slagging agent is generally 1-3 kg/T of metal solution, which can be increased or decreased according to the size of melt area, the temperature and impurity content of smelting metal.